Sunday, March 27, 2011

kaun kehta hai

So there's a theory that says, "You won't lose your wallet." Amazing theory. Kind of like the end of all misery. You fervently believe in the theory and it makes you feel so safe, like you're in control. And you like that feeling, and you go about your life. Sometimes, maybe once a few days, you stop in your tracks, pat your pocket, and giggle in awe of this supreme theory that just.. works!

Well, until you do lose your wallet. And how does that feel, Mr. Theist? Do you feel stupid? Angry? Isn't all the world a sham attempt by the Supreme One to pick at you, watch you twitch at every touch of the tweezers? Quite the victim, aren't we?

But how about the unthinkable, that the theory actually worked. Only that it wasn't about wallets, but about making you happy. Is that really so bad? Given, you know, the hypothesis that you'll just run into it tomorrow when it comes strolling out of that table in the far corner?